Commentary: Substitute Teaching: A Better Policy for Better
Through Seminars and Tours in Nation's Capital,High-School
Cuts Will Do Long-Term Damage, Former Secretary Hufstedler Says
Scholars Debate Proper Federal Role in Education
Capital Becomes a 'Presidential Classroom'
Commentary: Good News Is No News to Education Reporters
Ed. Schools Scrambling To Catch Up With the 'Microcomputer
Director of E.D. Women's Program Is Reassigned Amid Controversy
Commentary: Without Raw Materials, Schools Can't Produce Quality
Bilingual-Ed. Decisions Left to Schools
Fifteen Years of 'Congressional Seminars'
Editor Wins Award For Education Week
Federal News Roundup
Gifted Students Often 'Lost' in Vocational Ed.
Right and Left Increase Attempts To Ban Books
Delaware Panel Suggests 'Accountability' Plan
'Promising' Computer Programs Developed for Writing Instruction
Hawaii Will Not Assume Burden of Federal Impact-Aid Cuts
Fiscal Issues Top Concern of Policymakers, Surveys Show
Japanese Government's Gift Establishes Exchange Program
Rezoning Violates Integration Policy, Md. Examiner Says
U. of Missouri May Cut Back Education School
Mayors Fear Effects of Teen-Age Unemployment, Dropouts
Spending Policies Of School BoardsGuided by History
N.Y. Regents Offer Employment Cures
Local Program Administrators Lobby Against Further Cuts
Women's Attitudes Toward Science Shift
Reading Series Developed To Counter Prejudice
Conservatives Want Restraints On I.R.S. Power Over Schools
Texas Board Considering 3-Tiered Certification
National News Roundup
Population Boom Puts Pressure on Utah's Schools
States News Roundup
Research And Reports
Cities News Roundup
News Update
Creative Collective Bargaining--U.A.W. Style
U. of Alabama's Graduate Programs Face Loss of National
Bill Passed To Strengthen Vocational Programs in Arizona
State Chiefs Offer Plan To Improve Teacher Quality
Books: Of General Interest
Education Apparently Spared Under Agreement on Budget
Attorney General Backs Anti-Busing Measure
2 Federal Agencies Want Students To Learn To Run Businesses,
Study on Collective Bargaining Shows 'Moderate, Manageable'
U.S. Agency Cites Racial Bias in Miami Schools
Colleges Column
Mastery Learning: A Useful Tool, Not a Panacea
Bell Defends College-Aid Reductions
Letters to the Editor
High Court in Md. Hears Arguments In Finance Case
Last-Minute Tactic Saves Cigarette Tax for Missouri Schools
Maryland Urged To Adopt Plan To Recruit and Improve Teachers
Home Instruction for an Epileptic Student Solves Idaho School
N.Y. Considers Foreign-Language Requirement
Rhode Island To Study Change In Nurse-Teacher Requirement
Parachute Stunned As Firm Bails OutOf Energy Project
Pupils' Physical Fitness Below Par, Worsens With Age,
President Reagan Backs Constituional Change On Prayer in School
Pennsylvania Legislature Rejects Plan For State Block Grants
U.S. Sponsors First Meeting on Rural Concerns
Appellate Court Upholds Minnesota's Tax Break For Private
A.C.L.U. Objects to Football Players' 'Proselytizing' in
Graduates Lack Technical Training, Study Warns
New Bills
English-Language Teachers Fear Loss Of Educational Services
Conflict Over Title 1 Funds To Go to Supreme Court
Study Affirms Link Between Behavior, Violent TV Shows
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Stalking the Public-Private School Dualism
High Stakes in Matters Of Censorship, Morality,
Court Orders Boston To Pay $30 Million In Back Salaries
Federal News Roundup
House Budget Committee Proposes $550-Million
Parents Allege Bias, Abuse in Lawsuit
Kansas Advances Plan To Improve Teacher Quality
E.D. Assailed for Weakening Its Enforcement of Title IX
Better Teaching Key to School Improvement,
Federal Support Sought for School Counseling
Defense-Training Bill Clears Panels; House Floor Vote Expected Soon
States To Keep Sex-Equity Coordinators Full Time
Sen. Hatch Moderates Stance on Sex-Equity Requirements
Denver's Busing Plan Approved by Judge For 1982-83 Only
Jones Opposed for Higher Post in E.D.
600 Students Awarded Prizes In Creative-Writing
Michigan Increases State Income Tax
Legislative Report
Media Column
Top U.S. Officials Confront Math, Science Crisis
Levittown: Taxes Up, Residents Down, Relief Unsure
N.M. Proposal for Learning-Disabled Would Serve Fewer Students
Planned Cancellation Of N.I.E. Contracts Called Permissible
N.Y. Finance Suit At Last Headed For Resolution
Conservatives Nominated for N.I.E. Grant Panel
Employment and College Top List of Students' Concerns in Survey
New Bills
Health Experts Claim Better Warnings
New Statistics Indicate Supply, Not Demand,
Teachers Column
A.C.L.U. To Challenge Law Requiring Meditation in Schools
The Problems of Science Education
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4-Day School Week Termed Ill-Suited to Large States
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For Better Schools, Pay Achievers
Letters to the Editor
Alaska Legislature Considers Measure
Lobbyists Regroup for Next Round
Books Column
Colleges Column
Reform Panel's 'Official Parent' Sees Hope for Positive Change
Civil-Rights Group Alleges Racial Bias in Hartford Schools
Philadelphia Budget Would Cut 1,550 Jobs
E.D. Recruiting 1,000 New Readers
Illinois Board May Ease State Mandate
G.A.O. Recommends Improved Efforts in Nutrition Education
141 U.S. High-School Seniors Named Presidential Scholars
High Absentee Rate Cited Among Philadelphia's Teachers
State News Roundup
In Federal Agencies
Dallas Teachers Sue Over Transfer Plan
News Updates
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Research and Reports
Excerpts From the Opinion in the West Virginia Case
Commentary: Aptitude vs. Achievement: Should We Replace the S.A.T.?
U.S. Agency Is Sued Over Failure To Regulate Children's TV
Alaska Board's 'Effective-Schooling' Plan Will Allow Local
A.C.L.U. May Challenge Alabama Statute Freeing Church Schools
National News Roundup
Supreme Court's Decision in North Haven v. Bell
Reagan Aides Plan Strategy for Draft Prosecutions
Justice Dept.'s Objections May Block Changes in Special-Education
The Dissent in the North Haven Case
Foundation Rewards Gains in 110 Urban Schools
Indians Irked by Plan To Shift E.D. Programs
Letters To The Editor
Bill Would Halt N.I.E. Contract Cancellations
Special-Education Ruling Overturned in N.M.
House Votes $35 Million for Science Education
Pennsylvania Unit Drops Revisions Of Curriculum
Title IX Covers Employment, High Court Rules
President's Remarks on Tax-Exempt Status
Science Academy Cites Deficiencies In Ability Tests for the
N.Y. Contests Use of Old Data For Allocation of Title I Funds
'Dressing for Success' Works The Other Way, Too
Ruling Seen as Symbolic, Legal Victory
Curriculum, Taxes Ordered Reformed In West Virginia
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