Budget Office Bill Offers Specifics On Foundation
Two Views of the Federal Role in Education
'Slumbering Giant' Awakens To Do Battle on Education Budget
Researcher Seeks To Assess How the Revolution
U.S. Unlikely To Develop National Strategy
Energy-Conservation Grants Netted Substantial Savings
Sophisticated Computers Used To Teach Students To Write
Accounting for Accountability in the Curriculum
Letters to the Editor
L.A. Schools Turn to Students To Relieve Worker Shortage
'Project Option' in Delaware District
Supreme Court Reaffirms Ban on Prayer in Public Schools
People News
S.C. Schools Hit for First Time by a Midyear Budget Cut
Democrats, Educators Critical Of Reagan's Program Tradeoff
Rooseveltian Lessons for the Reagan Administration
City News Roundup
In Federal Agencies
Marcase Yields School Post In Compromise With Mayor
National News Roundup
New Bills
Budget Cuts Erase Gains Made by Ohio Schools
Private Schools
Job-Training Bills Could Affect Voc. Ed. Efforts
Research and Reports
State News Roundup
Federal Court Overturns Ban of 365 Days in Maiine School
Excerpts From Judge Conrad Cyr's Opinion
Study Finds Students Conservative, Materialistic
Baltimore Superintendent's Book Touts His City's Schools
Letters To The Editor
Survey Finds 27 Carcinogens in Science Labs
Bill To Propose Defensee-Industry Jobs Program
New York Times Guides To Colleges Awards Stars and Stirs
Policy Reversal on Bilingual Efforts Charted in Memo
Testing Legitimate If Used Properly Panel Concludes
NIE To Focus on Excellence and Freedom
Maryland Board Says District Erred in Banning School Play
Budget Cuts, Ideology called Threats to Research
New York Panel Recommends Overhaul of Schhol Finance
New Tactics Found To Cut Costs: They're Even Taking Prunes
Commentary: Salaries: Chasing Teachers From The Profession
Studs Terkel Fights for Working in Person
Bill in Alabama Would REquire Honesty and Decency in Texts
Commentary: Confronting The Abrasive Questionning Of The
Proposed Shift of Indian Education From E.D. Raises Concerns
College Groups Protest 50% Cuts in Student Aid
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Federal News Roundup
Ford Foundation To Reward Improvement in Urban Schools
Reagan Proposal on Tax Exemptions Meets Opposittion, Doubts in
Legislatures News Roundup
Up To 15% of Students Drop Out of Lunch Program
Illinois Ponders Cutting Special-Education Rules

People News
A.V.A Head Criticizes Bills To Replace CETA
Research and Reports
Congressmen Plan Steps To Extend Social Security Benefits
States News Roundup
Use of Competency Tests Subject to Legal Challenge
President Reportedly Will Seek Block Grants For Handicapped and
Proposed Title I Regulations
Chicago Experiments With School-Based Spending Strategy
Letters to the Editor
Idaho Schools' Woes Balemd on Tax Limitations
O.M.B. To Release Impounded Library Funds
Independent Schools
Study Group To Develop Core Curriculum for High Schools
Report-Card Pickup Is Well-Attended
Teachers in Warwick, R.I. End Seven-Day Strike
The 1983 Education Budget
Teacher Demand Has Declined In Most Fields, Survey Finds
Law Would Merge Vocational, Adult Programs
Advocacy Groups Contest Proposed Voc. Ed. Rules
Congress Initiates National Contest For Young Artists
Wesleyan U. To Drop 'Aid-Blind' Admissions
Secretary Bell's 'Enthusiasm' Not Shared By Critics of Cuts
City News Roundup
Creationist Movement Appears To Be Slowed by Loss in Arkansas
Church-Related Schools
Civil-Rights Group Appeals Decision On Tax Exemption
National News Roundup
Research and Reports
Agency Will Tell Students of Aid Cuts;
State News Roundup
National Arts Search Helps Talented Students
Choosing the Tube and Expanding the Mind
Weicker, Rights Groups Vow To Fight on Anti-Busing Bill
Commentary: Defining a Doorknob and Other Updates on the Student
Commentary: Sex and Drugs Rock and Roll--A World View
Changes Possible In Reagan Budget, Stockman Suggests
Loss of Funds Cited in Deterioration of California Schools
Teachers Centers May Collapse When They are Needed Most
N. Dakota Considers Tailor-Made Instruction for All Pupils
Federal Judge's Decision Allows the Suspension of Disabled
Deregulation Efforts Proceeding Rapidly: Disputes Expected
Colorado Rethinks One-Day Count of Attendance

Millions Wasted in Military Budget Could Go to Children, Groups
E.D. Alters Magazine To Reflect Reagan Policies
Letters To The Editor
Media Column
Commentary: Mapping The Land of Growing Up
New Jersey Court To Rule on Sex-Education Requirement
New Family-Planning Rule Challenged in Hearings
Shortage of Teachers Forces Major Recruiting Drive in L.A.
Discipline of Handicapped Has Been Guided by Courts
Night High School: Another Chance for Students With Problems
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Registration Evaders Will Face Prosecution
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Phila. Teachers To Be Retrained in Mathematics
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