Vietnam-Era Journalists Testify in Maine's Book-Banning Trial
Minneapolis Officials Prepare for Massive School Closings
In the ~'Olympics of the Mind' The Race is to the Quick-Witted
Pennsylvania Tax Plan Likely To Be Amended
California School Chief Calls U.S. Funding Outlook Dismal
Seniors Favor Women's Equality, But Want Traditional Marriages
Faced With Deficit, South Bend School Board
Agency Will Not Notify Students of Cuts in Aid
Texas Curriculum To Undergo Complete Revision for 1984
National Assessments Called Ineffectual in Study
Reagan's Address to Nation To Bring
City News Roundup
In Federal Agencies
Curriculum, Methods Held Responsible for Math 'Crisis'
National News Roundup
N.E.A. Steps Up Anti-Reagan Lobbying Effort
New Bills
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Private Schools
Western Schools Called Unsuited to Third World
California Law Loosens State's Hold on Districts
State News Roundup
Creationism: The Judge Decided the Case, Not the Debate
Neither the Science of Creation Nor the Religion
Federal Assistance To Education Has Has Good Effect
Dependence on Property Taxes Continued To Diminish in 1979-80
New Colorado Plan Serves More Pupils
Creationism Controversies Brewing in Other States
Scientists Urged To Continue Their Efforts
A Textbook Case of How Not To Combat the New Right
Today's Students Like Music, But Are Less Tolerant of Art
Text of the U.S. District Court's Ruling
Evaluation Process Developed for Industrial-Arts Programs
Gov. Brown Gives Education a Rhetorical, If Not Fiscal, Boost
School for Circus Children: From the 3 R's to the 3 Rings
Negotiations May Clear Way for Boston Judge To Step Aside
Commentary: There Are No Top-Down Answers To Improving Urban
Japan, Two Germanies, Ready Students for Techtronic Future
Reagan Critics Fight New Tax policy in Court and Congress
N.C. School of Science and Math: A Flame Burning Brightly
New Technology To Render Long Division Dead as a Dodo Bird
Block Grants, N.J. Discovers Lead to Unexpected Problems
Publishing Column
The Text of the President's Statement
Schools That Lost Tax Exemptions
New Tests Formulated To Assess Vocational Skills
Tenn. Panel Urges Accountability Plan for Schools
States Experts Oppose Key Competency-Testing Practices
Commentary: Only Bureaucrats and Educators Benefit From Federal
Illinois Chief Advances Plan for Teaching Values
Threatened With Firing ny New Governor, N.J. School Chief Fred
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Agencies Ponder How To Enforce Draft Regulations
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Phila. Teacher Pact Blasted in City Council Report
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Novel Funding Plan For Private Schools Termed Successful
Text of Tax-Exemption Bill
Chancellor Seeks New Vitality for Berkeley School
Century III Leaders Selected From Among 300,000 Students
Agency Urged To Regulate Children's TV
Research Offers Little Support for
Scientists Are Still in the Dark About Causes
Teacher Starts Educators' Group To Oppose Nuclear Arms
Foundation Plan To Be Accepted, Budget Suggests
Illinois's Education Boards Join Forces
Urban League Report Assails Vouchers, 'Basics'
School-Library Study Shows Stability in 70's,
'Teachers Teaching Teachers' Is Key to Writing Project's Success
Physical-Education Requirement Upheld in Massachusetts
Volunteers in Miami Schools Work To Prevent Delinquency
Vermont Students Required To Pass Basic ~'Reasoning' Test
Education Concerns in State Legislatures
We Must Not Succumb to Specious Arguments for Equal Time
Money for Schools Is a Major Concern For Legislatures
Alaska Board Likely To Act on 'Effective Schools' Document
High Schools Should Teach the Facts About Nucleaur-Arms Issues
Hartford Drama: Who Decides Whether the Show Goes On?
Approaches to Bilingual Education
Young New Yorkers Learn Self-Defense
Deadline Extended To End of February For Draft Sign-Up
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Public Hostility, Budget Cuts Confront Bilingual Education
Reagan Submits Legislation On Schools' Tax Exemption
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Black-Majority Schools May Aid Race Relations
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Federal Agency's Unpublished Study