Minnesota Governor Proposes a 13% Cut for Education Programs
Futurist Predicts Larger Role for Private Schools
Some 250,000 Teenagers Will Try Suicide This Year
W.Virginia Court Seeks To Define School Quality
Excerpts from the Heritage 'Report Card'
Woman Administrators: Leadership Means Going for the Top
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Reagan Given Passing Grade By Conservative Think tank
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School Board's Authority To Ban Book Faces a Federal-Court Test in Maine
Schools of Education Are Urged To Promote Global Awareness
Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Illegal Aliens
Ford foundation Project Promotes the Interest of Woman Educators
Schools Effect on Gifted Students Is Most Negative, Study Finds
Parent-Teacher Partnership Called the Key to Reading
Teaching of Economics Is on the Rise in Nation's Schools
Cuts in Federal Support Jeopardize Energy-Education Programs
Funding Methods For Ga Schools Upheld By Court
Harvard Names Woman Dean
Letters To The Editor
Letters To The Editor
Accepting the Challenge of Tuition Tax Credits
English Teachers Say Teaching of Literature Is in Jeopardy
NY Regents Propose Teacher-Licensing Board
Stanford University Plans Three-Year Study of Schools
Conservative Foundation Urges Congress To Restrain Federal Courts and Agencies
Public Schools, Colleges Form Urban Alliances
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Court Hear Arguments on Title IX Coverage for Employees
Budget Office Wants To Slash Title I Funds in Half for 1983
Policies Governing Interscholastic Athletics Face Challenges From Athletes Seeking Equal Access
Absent Teachers Cost Schools Billions Yearly
Rare Florida Panther Slinks Into Lead in Balloting for State Animal
Questions Surround Administration's Education Policy
Baltimore Adopts Ambitious Plan Over Protests
In Energy-rich Western Boomtowns, School Systems and Problems Grow Daily
U.S. Government Stops Shipment Of School Supplies to Cambodia
D.C.Seeks Corporate Money, Advice for Magnet Schools
Congress Took a Short Cut, Again
Children Are Reading As Well Today As Their Counterparts Did 10 Years Ago, Analyst Says
Letters to the Editor
$160 Million Improperly Spent, U.S. Education Audit Finds
Author of Landmark Decisiom Reflects on Busing Progress
Federal Voc. Ed. Regulations To Be Terminated
Converted School Building Houses Ten Compatible, Satisfied Tenants
Migrant-Education Administration Discuss Proposed Title I Changes
Miss. Governor Seeks Preschools, Strong Attendance Laws
Vocational Training for Blacks Debated
New Plan Calls for Radical Changes At Berkely
Poll Indicates Public Support For Education
Terrel Bell Fires Deputy Who Sued California Official
Psychologist Blames Stress for Gifted Students' Misbehavior
Validity of Creation Science on Trial in Arkansas
Growing Regional Differences Pose Problems for School Planners
State Boards Voice Dismay Over Reagan Pollicies
Nine Tiny Towns Named Christmas Have No School
Commentary: A Modest Proposal To Restore Educational Standards
Public Aid Hurts Canadian Private Schools, Report Suggests
Supreme Court Declines To REview Voluntary-Prayer Case
Virginia Board To Study Creating School District at Military Base
President Reagan Values Education Meese Proclaims
The Surprises of London's Inner-City Schools
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Rand Reports Identify Misuses, Conflicts In Federal Programs
Ruling May Limit Use of Federal Courts for Dismissal Suits
Soviets Ahead of US in Science, Technology Education, Study Says
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10 Southern States Create a Network To Share Information
House Panel Is Urged To Continue To Promote Sex Equity in Vocational-Education Programs
Weicker Will Continue Fight Against Anti-Busing Bills
Advisory Commission On Bilingual Program Attacks US Studies
Reagan Signs Temporary Budget Bill
Illinois Board Members Assail Integration Policy
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Students To Lose Social Security Benefits
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States News Roundup
Creationism Trial Offers Viewers A Lively Show