Federal Studies Debunk Bilingual Education, Suggest That States Choose Teaching Methods
Senate Witnesses Disagree About Effects of Integration

Cases Before the Supreme Court
Creationism Debate Planned For TV and State Legislatures
To Save Money, Detroit Voters Abandon Model Regional Plan
Heritage's Influence Is Rooted in Broad Network
Florida Launches $6-Million Writing Program for Seniors
Minorities and Math Get Boost From Ford Foundation Grants
Parents in South Dakota Protest Secular Humanism

Letters to the Editor
Mortimer Adler's Greatest Idea: Teaching Kids How to Think
Campus Group a Cornerstone of Conservative Movement
N.Y. Regents Order Schools To Lower Their Dropout Rates
Pittsburgh Votes New Priorities, Long Term Plan
Test Scores Hold At 1979-80 Level After Long Drop
Promise of Teaching Job Fails to Lure Students in Florida
Education Programs Slashed Again
U.S Supreme Court to Hear Title IX, Other School Cases
Dallas Program for Gifted Students Thwarts Desegregation, Group Says
State Aid Cuts Threaten Schools In Washington
The Magical Success of Private Schools: It's Mostly Blue Smoke and Mirrors
City News Roundup
Manufacturers May Be Liable For Cost of Asbestos Removal
Educating the Inexcusably Ignorant
Spell As I Say, Not As I Do, Say Alabama Teachers
The President on Education
El Paso's Bright Students, Grades 7-12, Are Offered Special Learning Program at the University of Texas
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In Federal Agencies
National News Roundup
State News Roundup
Draconian Budget Cuts Imperil National Humanities Endowment's Schools Program
Educators Challenged to Strenghthen Programs In Partnership with Law, Business Professional
Federal Civil Rights Chief Disavows Busing, May File Suits to Upgrade Minority Schools
More States Favor Public Comment During Text Adoption
Study Will Examine Values Among the Young
Court Refuses to Exempt Washington Schools from Bidget Cuts
Legality of Anti-Busing Bill Debated at Senate Hearing
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States News Roundup
Commentary: Toward New Coalitions for Publlic Education
Commentary: Making A School System Work
Reagan Nominee Files Harassment Suit Against California Education
Critic Assail Cuts in Health Program
The Big Cover-up: Schools Reinstate Dress Codes
School Board Appeals State Ruling Admitting Deaf Pupil to High School

Districts With One High School Must Assess Purpose and Programs as Enrollments Decline
California Adopts Disclosure Law for Standdardized Test
World Food Day Aims to Make Public Aware
States Seek Guidance on Title I, Block Grants
People News
House Saves Worthy Programs from Education Budget Axe
Michigan Schools Face $55 Million In Tax Losses
Accreditation Body Votes Major Shift in Policy
NC Mandates Rating System for Education
Letters to the Editor
Education Groups Media Campaigns Aim to Restore Confidence in Schools
Texas Teachers Union Criticizes Proposed Amendments
Letters to the Editor
Refugees Face Health Problems
Combating the ~~"Devil-Made-Me-Do-It'' Theory of Moral Responsibility
President Seeks to 'Defer' Spending Until 1982 Appropriations Are Voted
Troubled Cleveland Schools Near a 'Turning Point'
Deans Endorse Extended Programs, Higher Teacher-Training Standards
Commission Told Schools Waste Too Much Time
The Contradictions of High Schools: To Be Excellent and Equal, Universal and Special
Study Recommends Ending Driver Education
Growing Interest in Languages May Spur Federal Initiatives
California Teachers Work to Alter Prop 13, Raise School Funds
Rural Educators Request Voice in Federal Plans for Handicapped
Education, Business Should Cooperate In Preparing Students for Careers
Reliance on Tests May Discourage Blacks From Teaching
Innovative Uses Found for Surplus Schools
Title IX Gains Are Significant But Not Complete, Panel Says
A Once-in-a-Lifetime Cultural Experience
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Federal News Roundup
In Federal Agencies
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Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Controversial School Appeals
The School Nurse: Her Role Has Changed With Changing Time
Vocational Education Efforts Lack Focus, New Study Says
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U.S Will Push Desegregation Suits, But Will Shun Busing
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Letters to the Editor:
Schools in Michigan Will Close as Voters Reject Tax Increases
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Experts Father To Debate the Merits of Tuition Tax Credits
After Bitter Campaign, D.C. Voters Are First To Decide on Controversial Tuition Tax Credits
Look for Signs of 'Problem Behavior' Early, Educators Told
Growing Proportion of Lay Teachers Concerns Catholics
Church, Town Feud Continues in Miracle Valley
District Plans New Corporation To Raise Funds
Denver School Board Seeks Racial Balance Without Busing
Discipline: Is It Really as Serious a Problem as the Public Thinks?
The Incompetence of Competency Testing
Migrants Found to Need More Help
Reagan Pledges He Will Support Tax-Credit Bill
Lexington, Ky., School Board Rejects Creationism After Long Controversy
~'Perennial' TV Violence Issue Argued - Again