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Emma Kerrigan, right, attends the private Lawrence School in Broadview, Ohio, with help from the state’s voucher program for special needs students.
—Dustin Franz for Education Week

Vouchers Put Some Parents in Squeeze on Special Ed. Rights

In order to accept vouchers for private schools, parents of students with disabilities generally must waive their children's individual rights to services under the federal special education law. (July 19, 2016)

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10/12 11:45 am | Charter Schools in New York Can Now Certify Their Own Teachers | This is potentially the first time a charter school authorizer anywhere in the country has allowed the schools it oversees to certify their own teachers, and the move is ...

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Policymakers in a number of states take a page from the former two-term Florida governor's aggressive, sometimes divisive playbook.
December 29, 2010 – Education Week
Americans are exploring school choice in growing numbers, and policymakers should take heed, Bruno V. Manno writes.
December 1, 2010 – Education Week
A pilot $5 million tuition-voucher program is among several items in the defense-spending bill that are intended to improve schooling for children with special needs from military families.
October 29, 2010 – Education Week

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