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Governor:Matt Mead
Superintendent of Public Instruction:Jillian Balow
Quality Counts state grade:B-
Pre-K-12 enrollment:92,732
Number of school districts:48
Number of public schools:366
Number of public school teachers:7,555
Unadjusted education spending per student:$15,700
Percent minority students:19.9%
Percent of students eligible for free/reduced price lunch:37.7%
Percent of students with disabilities:13.9%
Percent of English-language learners:3.0%
NAEP Mathematics 2015 percent proficient
4th grade math:48.3%
8th grade math:35.3%
NAEP Reading 2015 percent proficient
4th grade reading:41.2%
8th grade reading:36.0%

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Faced with a budget deficit that is clouding the future of Wyoming schools, Gov. Jim Geringer used his State of the State Address last week to call for imposing one new tax, raising another, and extending the life of a third.
February 23, 2000 – Education Week
A judge in Wyoming has ruled that the state's funding formula for major school construction and maintenance projects is unconstitutional because it favors wealthy school districts. But he upheld the state's cost-based system for funding school operations as constitutional.
January 12, 2000 – Education Week

This week, long-simmering frustrations over school funding in Wyoming are scheduled to spill over again in a courtroom showdown.

November 5, 1997 – Education Week

Cheyenne, Wyo.

Here in the capital of the vast, scenic Cowboy State, lawmakers are under the gun to meet what is nationally among the most far-reaching school finance mandates a high court has issued.

June 11, 1997 – Education Week
Ordered by the state supreme court to step back and define "the proper education for a Wyoming child," state lawmakers' answer seems to be: the one we're already providing.
November 6, 1996 – Education Week
November 22, 1995 – Education Week
October 13, 1993 – Education Week
January 31, 1990 – Education Week
Recent revelations that major Wyoming oil and gas producers may have underpaid millions of dollars in property taxes have prompted lawmakers to consider a bill that would expand the state's authority to audit and monitor mineral production.
March 16, 1988 – Education Week
The Wyoming Blue Ribbon Committee on Quality Education this month recommended a school-reform package that includes increased high-school graduation requirements, higher salaries and professional standards for teachers, and more efficient use of classroom time.
September 26, 1984 – Education Week

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