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Governor:Matt Bevin
Commissioner of Education:Stephen L. Pruitt
Quality Counts state grade:C
Pre-K-12 enrollment:688,640
Number of school districts:188
Number of public schools:1,579
Number of public school teachers:41,586
Unadjusted education spending per student:$9,312
Percent minority students:21.1%
Percent of students eligible for free/reduced price lunch:56.9%
Percent of students with disabilities:14.2%
Percent of English-language learners:3.0%
NAEP Mathematics 2015 percent proficient
4th grade math:40.5%
8th grade math:27.7%
NAEP Reading 2015 percent proficient
4th grade reading:40.4%
8th grade reading:36.1%

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In the final days of its regular session, the Kentucky legislature last week passed a wide-ranging early-childhood initiative that proponents hailed as a landmark effort in a state that has gotten low marks in national ratings of children's well-being.
April 5, 2000 – Education Week
The condition of a Kentucky initiative to improve teacher quality slipped from critical to virtually dead last week as the state's regular legislative session ended without agreement on the measure.
April 5, 2000 – Education Week
What had been touted as a bold push to raise teacher quality in Kentucky has recently turned into a last-ditch effort to salvage at least part of the plan before the state's regular legislative session wraps up this week.
March 29, 2000 – Education Week
Kentucky's state auditor is undertaking an investigation into how the department of education spends state and federal money in the wake of the recent indictment of a former top agency official on charges of embezzling more than half a million dollars.
February 2, 2000 – Education Week
Ten years along, Kentucky’s singularly ambitious overhaul of its K-12 schools has shown solid, if not yet adequate, results for students, says a report from a statewide citizens’ group.
November 17, 1999 – Education Week
Kentucky's education commissioner announced last week that he will leave his post at the end of the year.
November 3, 1999 – Education Week
A second round of research on the latest federal reading-test results suggests that Kentucky's 1998 scores represented a statistically significant increase over 1994 after all, the U.S. Department of Education announced last week.
October 6, 1999 – Education Week
In a country where one of the strongest predictors of academic achievement is socioeconomic status, it's no surprise that Anchorage Elementary School in suburban Louisville was a top performer in reading on Kentucky's assessment.
May 5, 1999 – Education Week
A Kentucky district's objection to new statewide accountability policies now being drafted has highlighted the difficult balance states must strike in efforts to make schools responsible for performance.
February 17, 1999 – Education Week
Officials have not decided how much weight to give the exams. In Kentucky, standardized-test scores will soon matter, at least a little.
October 21, 1998 – Education Week

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