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Yashelyn, 9, plays violin in the Youth Orchestra LA at the Heart of Los Angeles music program class in Los Angeles.
—Eric Grigorian for Education Week

Music Training Sharpens Brain Pathways, Studies Say

Researchers have found that playing an instrument may help grow the neural connections that aid creativity, decisionmaking, and complex memory—especially when children's training starts early. (November 25, 2013)

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07/11 05:59 pm | Grants Awarded for Three Low-Cost Randomized Trials | The White House and the Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy in Washington are doubling down on the use of experimental studies to find what works in policy and practice, with ...

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01/16 08:15 am | Sputnik Moves to New Orbit! | If you've enjoyed reading Sputnik as much as I've enjoyed writing it, I'm sure you'll equally enjoy reading and reacting to my blog at Huffington Post. Farewell Sputnik!

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07/09 07:31 pm | Intelligent Tutors, Past and Present | Responding to critique of an article about intelligent tutors that Justin Reich posted recently in the New Yorker.

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Quality Counts 2012
The 16th edition of Education Week's annual report looks at America's international standing in education, and lessons to be drawn from high-performing countries.

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Two federal agencies are rolling out a common set of evidence standards for federally funded work.
May 7, 2013 - Education Week
The booing of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at a recent education research meeting revealed the increasingly toxic nature of education debates, Jennifer Jennings writes.
May 6, 2013 | Updated: May 14, 2013 - Education Week
Federal officials should help create a coherent system of supports for research-based innovation in schools, Robert E. Slavin writes.
May 1, 2013 - Education Week
Education Week Commentary editors look at academic, demographic, and other trends since the landmark report was released 30 years ago.
April 23, 2013 - Education Week
Serious efficacy studies can start as high as $150,000, a price tag that keeps most smaller market players from commissioning similar studies.
April 22, 2013 - Education Week
Educators are trying to make smart decisions about what learning products they use based on limited, and sometimes questionable, research about those products.
April 22, 2013 - Education Week
While socializing virtually can make it harder for students to make deep connections with one another, new studies suggest that situations like video-chats or avatar environments can lead to more natural engagement.
April 18, 2013 - Education Week
In many U.S. schools, students struggling the most in mathematics at the start of high school have the worst odds of getting a qualified teacher in the subject, new research finds.
April 2, 2013 - Education Week
After being condemned as discriminatory in the 1990s, grouping students by academic ability seems to be back in vogue with a new generation of teachers, according to an analysis of federal teacher data.
March 26, 2013 - Education Week
New studies highlight the complex roles that neighborhoods, schools, interests, and academic expectations can play in school-selection processes.
March 26, 2013 - Education Week

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