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U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., center, chairman of the Senate education committee, talks with staff members as the committee prepares to mark up a proposed reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
—T.J. Kirkpatrick for Education Week

Fresh Battles Loom When Full Senate Takes Up ESEA Rewrite

The compromise bill approved by the Senate education committee to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act faces other priorities awaiting debate, and is likely to draw intense partisan sparring. (April 17, 2015)

Spotlight on No Child Left Behind

This Spotlight looks at where adjustments have been made to the controversial No Child Left Behind law.

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08/28 11:49 am | Nearly Half of States Opted to Hit Accountability Snooze Button | For those states, results from tests aligned to the Common Core State Standards won't have an effect on school ratings, at least for the school year that just ended.

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Commentaries: The Federal Role in Education
This collection of essays adapted for Education Week from the book Carrots, Sticks, and the Bully Pulpit examines federal involvement in education policy.

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Large-scale reform is a new area of education practice, and policy and research should reflect that, says Donald J. Peurach.
February 28, 2012 - Education Week
The usual partisan lines blur as members of Congress grapple with the federal role in shaping how to judge teacher quality.
February 27, 2012 - Education Week
Winning states had to tailor their plans on how to hold schools accountable for various groups of at-risk students.
February 21, 2012 - Education Week
A House panel looks at bills to renew the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, with competing vision on display.
February 17, 2012 - Education Week
The Obama administration grants 10 states leeway on No Child Left Behind, but insists the law's rigor remains; some advocates are wary.
February 9, 2012 - Education Week
Partisanship has a place in the No Child Left Behind reauthorization debate, says Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower.
January 31, 2012 - Education Week
With a fresh, $550 million pot of cash, the education secretary is looking to jump-start district-level competitive initiatives.
January 20, 2012 | Updated: June 24, 2015 - Education Week
A bill in the House on reauthorization would offer more leeway for districts and less federal oversight on use of education funding.
January 20, 2012 - Education Week
The House GOP's bare-bones approach to federal K-12 policy draws polarized reviews in the NCLB renewal debate.
January 17, 2012 - Education Week
A House proposal on how to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act mirrors elements of a Senate plan, but goes further in some areas.
January 6, 2012 | Updated: June 24, 2015 - Education Week

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