September 26, 2017
January/February 2006

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Vol. 17, Issue 04

Teacher-induction programs seem to work best when mentors are given enough time and resources to do their jobs well.

Visitors to discuss the generational divide in the teaching profession.

Notable quotes on teaching and schools from around the country.

Once as familiar in the back-to-school ritual as falling leaves, teacher strikes seem headed for a winter freeze.

Now semiretired, Jaime Escalante explains what it takes to stand and deliver.

School news from points across the globe.

When the state of Maine issued 37,000 laptops to its middle school students, teachers needed time and training to get used to the idea of one-to-one computing.

Two new programs in Washington state make American Indian culture the core of schools' subjects—and success.

Henry David Thoreau's legacy can best be experienced by a stroll around Walden Pond, as another carpenter-turned-author shows a group of students each year.

One of the most influential critics who helps shape what goes into textbooks is a conservative Christian who works out of an east Texas strip mall.

As West Virginia has consolidated hundreds of community schools over the past few decades, students are spending more of their time riding the bus.

Book Reviews

Growing up in St. Petersburg, Florida, Christine Rosen attended the Keswick Christian School, where the Bible was the primary textbook — and the sole authority on the origins of life on Earth. Rosen recounts her struggle, as a young girl, to reconcile her experience at a secular summer science program with Keswick's strict creationist teachings.


By studying petroglyphs and the stars, Graham Dey takes students into the past.


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