Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Group Online Subscription?

A: Your Group Online Subscription unlocks Education Week's premium content on for everyone in your organization—at a fraction of the cost of multiple individual subscriptions.

Q: How do users benefit from a Group Online Subscription?

A: Organizations with a Group Online Subscription provide their users with unlimited access to Education Week's online content and the tools they need to be stellar educators and administrators. From breaking news to thoughtful analysis... insightful case studies to early warnings of regulatory changes... Education Week offers the tools to help improve graduation rates, choose the best, most cost-effective technology, hire and train top notch personnel, and much more.

Q: What sorts of plans do you offer?

A: You can sign up for either an Individual User Plan or a Site Access Plan. With the Individual User Plan, your organization purchases a number of individual user IDs which allow unlimited access to Education Week content. These IDs are not shareable. The Site Access Plan, which is enabled by IP address recognition, lets all authorized users access Education Week without having to log in. No user IDs are required. The Site Access Plan is more economical when an organization has a lot of potential users.

Q: What features can authorized users sign up for?

A: Authorized users with individual user IDs can sign up for various e-newsletters; participate in all community features including comments and discussion forums; read news and opinion blogs throughout the site; sign up for education headline feeds via RSS and widgets; watch videos and webinars; and more.

Q: May we include links to Education Week content on our organization's web site, intranet, or internal network?

A: Yes, as long as your organization's Group Online Subscription's access to Education Week content is limited to your authorized users. Please ask if you're not sure.

Q: May we add news feeds or widgets to our organization's web site, intranet, or internal network?

A: Yes! Education Week news feeds and widgets provide the tools for authorized users to stay up-to-date on the most important education news, recent TopSchoolJobs listings, and teacher resources. Our widgets can easily be added to your iGoogle page, blog, web site, Facebook pages, and more, to provide access to K-12 content as it's posted.

Q: How much does a Group Online Subscription cost?

A: Pricing is based several factors including the number of users. The more users, the bigger the per-user discount off our standard individual rate. An organization with at least five users can qualify for a Multi-User license discount.

Q: How do administrators benefit from Group Online Subscription?

A: A Multi-User license saves your organization time and money while keeping your users informed 24/7. You can manage multiple subscriptions easily, while your users have unlimited access to K-12 education news & analysis days before it reaches readers of the print edition of Education Week. Your authorized users can also take advantage of historical archives, blogs, special reports, webinars, videos, and more.

Q: Can I really offer access to everyone?

A: Depending on the circumstances, your Group Online Subscription can include staff, administrators, teachers and faculty, full and part-time students, and more. In other words, everyone!

Q: Can my users access Education Week from multiple locations?

A: Yes! Your authorized users can access Education Week's content from their offices, homes, or mobile devices. Tell us what you need and we'll work out the details.

Q: Does a Group Online Subscription allow for inter-library loans? (Applicable to college and university libraries.)

A: Yes.

Q: Will you allow us to make changes to your contract? (e.g., standard language required by state legislatures or other requests for re-wording)

A: Yes, we will consider reasonable revisions to the terms and conditions in our contract.

Q: Do all of my organization/school district/university's offices, locations, or branches need their own Group Online Subscription agreement?

A: Not necessarily. One agreement can usually cover all locations for an organization.

Q: Do you provide discounts for system-wide or consortium purchases?

A: Yes, but any discount will depend on the details. Contact us for pricing.

More Than Just Education Week Articles...

Blogs: Education Week offers 45+ blogs with a mix of breaking news and opinion about topics such as politics... teaching... technology and innovation... research... international... community... parents... and more, users get quick-takes on issues that resonate.

Videos: When writing about a topic just isn't enough, Education Week turns to video to convey issues in images and sound. From blended learning experiences (in students' own words), to co-teaching, to explanations of the latest Quality Counts special report, to whatever topic hits the hot button of the day, expect Education Week to include items for your view.

Community Forums: Education Week discussion forums provide a space where readers can ask questions, share ideas and solutions, and engage in conversation with colleagues everywhere. Network with administrators, teachers, staffers, and others in-the-know to share and learn.

Jobs and Career Advice: The TopSchoolJobs channel of Education Week features education job listings, career advice, and related resources.

Targeted Searches: Users can search for answers and research issues with built-in guidance from the past. Searchable archives from Education Week go back to 1981. There's also access to state level indicators in the Education Counts database, as well as knowledge from the Teacher archives.

Plus: Take part in regular surveys, view interactive maps, get education statistics broken down by state, read whitepapers, and more.