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09/30/14 School Vouchers Save States Over $1 Billion, Says Report - Charters & Choice
A new report from a pro-school-choice group says school vouchers have saved states over $1 billion, but it's not clear where that money has gone. Education Week News Blogs
10/07/14 D.C.'s Neediest Students Use School Vouchers at Lower Rates, Report Says - Charters & Choice
A number of school vouchers go unused from the District of Columbia's Opportunity Scholarships Program, with some of the most disadvantaged students using the program at lower rates than others, according to a report from the Institute of Education Sciences. Education Week News Blogs
11/03/14 School Vouchers: Indiana Enrollment Soars, Achievement Drags in Louisiana - Charters & Choice
The number of Indiana schoolchildren using vouchers has jumped this year. Meanwhile, Louisiana education department numbers released Monday show that fewer than half of voucher students who took state assessment tests passed. Education Week News Blogs
12/09/14 Wisconsin School Voucher Program About to Hit 30,000 Student Mark - Charters & Choice
Wisconsin is home to one of the oldest voucher programs in the country, in Milwaukee. Education Week News Blogs
07/10/14 Demand Grows for Private School Vouchers in Louisiana - Charters & Choice
Despite recent legal challenges, Louisiana's school voucher program is growing. Education Week News Blogs
02/11/15 Coke Provides Free Market Lesson for Education - View From the Cheap Seats
Proponents of vouchers and choice systems never tire of touting the benefits of the free market. For them, the free market is like a colosseum in which gladiator products battle to become better, until the crown goes to those who are Most Excellent of All. It's a touchingly childlike belief; the free market will deliver excellence to customers just like Santa will deliver presents to good boys and girls. Teacher News and Blogs
07/09/14 What Voucher Advocates Can Learn From the Charter School Movement - Charters & Choice
Even though voucher programs and charter schools started at roughly the same time, the charter sector has grown much faster. A new report outlines the best practices the private school choice movement should take from the charter school sector. Education Week News Blogs
10/13/14 Wisconsin Sunk $139 Million Into Private Schools Booted From Voucher Program - Charters & Choice
Over the past decade, Wisconsin has spent around $139 million on school vouchers to private schools that were eventually kicked out of the state's program, according to a review by the Wisconsin State Journal. Education Week News Blogs
08/27/14 N.C. Private School Vouchers are Ruled Unconstitutional - Education Week
A superior court judge in North Carolina has ruled that the state's plan to provide vouchers for K-12 students to attend private schools is unconstitutional. Education Week News Articles
09/10/14 The Financial Fantasies of Choice - View From the Cheap Seats
There are many fine reasons to consider at least some aspects of a choice system. But we can't have those conversations until and unless we drop the financial fantasies and are honest about the true cost. Teacher News and Blogs
07/14/15 Wis. School Vouchers for Students With Special Needs Survive Early Challenges - Charters & Choice
Wisconsin students with disabilities who have been denied open enrollment into other school districts are now eligible for $12,000 that they can use to enroll in a private school. Education Week News Blogs
03/13/15 Charters & Choice News Roundup: Former NBA Star Makes Pitch for Vouchers - Charters & Choice
This week in the Charters & Choice news roundup: While former NBA star Allan Houston pushes for vouchers in Tennessee, Arizona and Florida pilot a radical new kind of choice program. Education Week News Blogs
07/14/14 Despite Challenges, La. Private School Voucher Program Is Growing - K-12 Parents and the Public
Louisiana's school voucher program has grown by 30 percent since it expanded statewide in 2012. Education Week News Blogs
04/01/15 School Voucher Numbers Are Growing, and So Is Accountability, Says Report - Charters & Choice
The policy brief from Indiana University's Center for Evaluation and Education Policy examines general education vouchers in Indiana, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Education Week News Blogs
11/21/14 Charters & Choice News Roundup: Happy 25th Birthday to School Vouchers - Charters & Choice
This school year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the country's first voucher initiatives: the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. Education Week News Blogs

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