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12/19/14 World-Class Teacher Professional Development: Neither Workshops or Rubrics - Top Performers
How professional development works in schools that have created an environment for continuous improvement Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
12/22/14 Report: 'Job Embedded' Professional Development Often Found Lacking - Teacher Beat
Some $18 billion is spent annually on P.D., including on-the-job training, but teachers still find it lacking. Education Week News Blogs
07/08/14 Can We Lead Change Without Changing How We Lead? - Leadership 360
Too many leaders view change as an act of replacing one thing for another or an act to incorporate something new in an existing system. It takes courage to look in the mirror and ask if we can see and understand what needs to change and if we know how to lead others through the process. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
05/21/14 Professional Development - Education Week
A new report looks at how expanded school schedules can be used to boost teacher effectiveness by allowing more time for educators to plan with colleagues, analyze student data, and develop new skills. Education Week News Articles
03/12/15 Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators: Necessary Professional Development - The Art of Coaching Teachers
For many years, I've been mulling over the idea of professional development on emotional resilience. What continuously comes up in my work is that our emotions play a big role in how effective we are in transforming our schools, and specifically, in our ability to bounce back after challenges. Teacher News and Blogs
08/21/14 Pushing Performance Coaching to Transform Professional Development - The Startup Blog: Ed Tech From the Ground Up
Moving towards performance coaching instead of lecture-based professional development can be a game changer for teacher quality. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
05/03/15 Schools Need to Change and So Does Society - Leadership 360
The system and structures that need to change are not just in education. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
03/24/15 STEM Institutes Offered to NYC School Leaders and Teachers - College Bound
A grant from the GE Foundation provides training to New York City teachers and school leaders to ramp up STEM expertise to enhance career programs. Education Week News Blogs
01/21/15 For Principals, Continuous Learning Critical to Career Success - Education Week
The need for more high-quality professional development for school leaders is gaining traction in local districts and with state and federal policymakers. Education Week News Articles
03/06/15 Making Time for What Matters for Teachers - Learning Deeply
A charter school network brings all of its teachers together for a week of intensive professional development, with great results. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
08/14/14 Why Aren't Schools Giving Teachers More Collaboration Time? - Teaching Now
Teachers often wish for collaboration time with peers, yet often their professional development overlooks this. Why? Teacher News and Blogs
05/23/15 Response: The Kind of Professional Development We Need - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo
Rick Wormeli shares his suggestions for how to make professional development effective for teachers. Teacher News and Blogs
04/28/15 Serial: A Free and Personal Professional-Learning Experience in Objectivity - Leadership 360
Even if there were an offering for objective investigation techniques, it might not be chosen because of reluctance to take precious time away from the day-to-day demands of leading schools. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
06/11/14 Assessment Investments Fuel Instructional-Support Market - Education Week
The $810 million in revenues that ed-tech companies generated from various aspects of digital assessment more than offset declines in the LMS and productivity-tools sectors. Education Week News Articles
04/20/15 Ed-Tech Groups See Promise in K-12 Tech Amendment to ESEA - Marketplace K-12
The amendment, approved by the Senate Education Committee, would allow a competition for federal funds to pay for educational technology and professional development. Education Week News Blogs

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