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Essential news stories and Commentaries selected by Education Week editors
04/24/14 Rigorous Study Finds Actual Benefits From Immersive Teacher PD Program - Teaching Now
A new study shows that the Facing History professional-development program, oriented around an immersive civics-education unit, significantly improved teachers' sense of instructional effectiveness, while also boosting students' historical-thinking skills. Teacher News and Blogs
12/19/14 World-Class Professional Development: Neither Workshops or Rubrics - Top Performers
Why professional development for teachers is about organized design with the right the incentives and supports, rather than mere workshops which typically provide teachers with tools for all the wrong problems. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
07/08/14 Can We Lead Change Without Changing How We Lead? - Leadership 360
Too many leaders view change as an act of replacing one thing for another or an act to incorporate something new in an existing system. It takes courage to look in the mirror and ask if we can see and understand what needs to change and if we know how to lead others through the process. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
01/06/14 Time for a New Approach to Professional-Development Research? - Teacher Beat
That's the call from several scholars, and from an organization that thinks the Education Department needs to make the first move. Education Week News Blogs
01/13/14 Literacy Design Collaborative Launches CoreTools - Vander Ark on Innovation
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are the most important professional development trend and development in education. They embody many of the broader adult learning trends: interest-driven, high engagement, flexible, and social. There are PLCs for teachers by level and discipline, PLCs for teachers in districts and networks, PLCs for principals—and even PLCs for specific tasks like aligning texts to the Common Core. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
02/17/14 What Can We Learn From the Navy's Train to Qualification System? - Vander Ark on Innovation
To learn more about professional development in the military, we called Mike Mosley, head of Learning Standards Branch in the Naval Education and Training Command. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
05/21/14 Professional Development - Education Week
A new report looks at how expanded school schedules can be used to boost teacher effectiveness by allowing more time for educators to plan with colleagues, analyze student data, and develop new skills. Education Week News Articles
08/21/14 Pushing Performance Coaching to Transform Professional Development - The Startup Blog: Ed Tech From the Ground Up
Moving towards performance coaching instead of lecture-based professional development can be a game changer for teacher quality. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
08/14/14 Why Aren't Schools Giving Teachers More Collaboration Time? - Teaching Now
Teachers often wish for collaboration time with peers, yet often their professional development overlooks this. Why? Teacher News and Blogs
06/11/14 Assessment Investments Fuel Instructional-Support Market - Education Week
The $810 million in revenues that ed-tech companies generated from various aspects of digital assessment more than offset declines in the LMS and productivity-tools sectors. Education Week News Articles
01/31/14 Survey: Educators Confident in Their Effectiveness, But Doubt Parents' - Teaching Now
In a national survey, educators report high levels of educator effectiveness, but say parents are not doing enough to ensure student success. Teacher News and Blogs
09/26/14 Edcamps: The Lil' PD That Could... - Finding Common Ground
Edcamps can help you meet your Professional Development needs, and the Edcamp Foundation has the perfect short reference book to help you get there. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
02/13/14 Review Finds Few Impacts for Math Professional Development - Teacher Beat
A review of more than 600 math professional-development studies found just two detailing positive effects on students' math proficiency. Education Week News Blogs
10/27/14 Thoughts on Improving Teacher's Salaries - Education Futures: Emerging Trends and Technologies in K-12
It is no secret that teachers in the United States receive little recognition and a salary below their abilities, and their training after hire consists of professional development that rarely fosters much growth. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
05/30/14 GAO Report: Sequestration Forced Program, Professional Development Cuts - District Dossier
A new report from the Government Accountability Office says that sequestration cuts to Title I and Impact Aid forced some districts to reduce specialists, increase class sizes, reduce professional development, and delay technology upgrades. Education Week News Blogs

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