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Essential news stories and Commentaries selected by Education Week editors
06/19/13 Benefits of Online, Face-to-Face Professional Development Similar, Study Finds - Digital Education
Researchers found similar effects on student learning and teacher behavior regardless of whether teachers took part in online or face-to-face professional development. Education Week News Blogs
11/21/13 Take Back Control of Professional Development - Leadership 360
If we are to continue to develop an environment in which teachers can create the space for children to explore and discover (which is ironically part of the mandated shift), we must create the space for the teachers to do the same. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
09/18/13 Remote P.D. Program Yields Results With Struggling Readers - Rural Education
Webcam-based professional development program produces good results among struggling readers in rural, high-poverty schools, according to a new study. Education Week News Blogs
09/03/13 Susan Race Envisions Differentiated Professional Development - Leadership 360
We help teachers and leaders learn, implement and sustain those skills over a period of time. That positively affects the quality of education in the classroom - all in spite of compliance fatigue. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
01/06/14 Time for a New Approach to Professional-Development Research? - Teacher Beat
That's the call from several scholars, and from an organization that thinks the Education Department needs to make the first move. Education Week News Blogs
02/17/14 What Can We Learn From the Navy's Train to Qualification System? - Vander Ark on Innovation
To learn more about professional development in the military, we called Mike Mosley, head of Learning Standards Branch in the Naval Education and Training Command. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
08/08/13 Study: Many Teachers Need Common-Core Professional Development - Curriculum Matters
Bringing teachers up to speed on key instructional shifts for the common core remains a challenge for states, says a new survey. Education Week News Blogs
11/15/13 S.C. Leaders Explore Ways to Ensure Success of Young Children - Rural Education
Symposium in South Carolina looks at universal home visits for new parents and professional development for literacy teachers as ways to help rural children. Education Week News Blogs
10/02/13 Plugging Into Professional Learning Communities - Vander Ark on Innovation
In contrast to top down stand-and-deliver professional development, professional learning communities (PLCs) are typically teacher created initiatives that extend learning opportunities and foster collaboration. PLCs often reflect disciplines, districts, projects, and policy responses. Schools are increasingly creating PLCs to organize teachers into working groups. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
07/30/13 Unions, Teacher 'Voice' Groups, National Board Among Recent Gates Recipients - Teacher Beat
An update on the Gates Foundation's grantmaking in the teacher world, from unions to the National Board. Education Week News Blogs
01/13/14 Literacy Design Collaborative Launches CoreTools - Vander Ark on Innovation
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are the most important professional development trend and development in education. They embody many of the broader adult learning trends: interest-driven, high engagement, flexible, and social. There are PLCs for teachers by level and discipline, PLCs for teachers in districts and networks, PLCs for principals—and even PLCs for specific tasks like aligning texts to the Common Core. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs
09/12/13 Access Denied: A School Web-Blocking Experience With Rafe Esquith - Teaching Now
Due to Internet filtering at his school, esteemed educator Rafe Esquith could not access the webinar he was presenting from his classroom. What does this say about schools' use of technology and the lack of professionalism we grant teachers? Teacher News and Blogs
08/26/13 NSF Grant Fuels Student-Teaching for the Seasoned Teacher - Teacher Beat
The National Science Foundation has put $2.6 million toward a University of Missouri professional-development program. Education Week News Blogs
07/24/13 What Does Summer PD for Teachers Look Like? - Teaching Now
For teachers, summer break is a favorable time to invest in professional development while they're away from the classroom. We asked our readers to share... Teacher News and Blogs
04/08/13 Independent Schools: Making Professional Development Work - Independent Schools, Common Perspectives
I believe that independent schools are at last starting to pass through the barriers of our own history, and that there is a growing realization that teachers must be what so many school mission statements extol: lifelong learners. There should no longer be excuses or ways for teachers to opt out of professional learning that will make them more effective in engaging, challenging, and educating their students. Education Week Commentary and Opinion Blogs

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