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How Houston Got Its Schools Back Online After the Hurricane How Houston Got Its Schools Back Online After the Hurricane
The Houston school district’s technology chief, Lenny Schad, shares lessons about how his 216,000-student system responded to Hurricane Harvey, which besieged the community. Read more.
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Predict readiness for SAT
eMPower Assessments™ by Measured Progress provide the only assessment solution for grades 3–8 that gives a direct predictive connection to the SAT® Suite of Assessments. Watch how eMPower supports a student’s academic journey toward college and career. View the video.

Immigrant Students Are Internalizing Stereotypes. Educators Can Help Immigrant Students Are Internalizing Stereotypes. Educators Can Help
Teachers can be the first responders to immigrant students' isolation, write leaders from the nonprofit Re-imagining Migration. Read more.
(Education Week)
Regular Public School Teachers Miss More School Than Charter Teachers
A lower percentage of teachers are “chronically absent” in charter schools than in other public schools, says a new report. It attributes the differences to collective bargaining. Read more.
(Education Week)

Develop Your Students’ Problem-Solving Skills
Offering 350+ tasks, our performance material engages students and develops their abilities to reason and communicate mathematically as well as to formulate mathematical connections. Task differentiations, teacher planning sheets, rubrics, student anchor papers and assessment rationales are provided. Download FREE samples!

Schools Making 'Extraordinary Progress' With High-Speed Internet Access, Analysis Finds Schools Making 'Extraordinary Progress' With High-Speed Internet Access, Analysis Finds
Ninety-four percent of school districts in the nation are meeting targets for web connectivity, three years after federal officials overhauled the E-Rate program. Read more.
(Education Week)
Nominee for Top Education Dept. Attorney: I'd Tell Officials to Follow ESSA
Carlos Muñiz, only the second nominee to the Trump Education Department to have a hearing before the Senate education, addressed the Every Student Succeeds Act and transgender student rights in Tuesday testimony. Read more.
(Politics K-12)
DeVos Says Federal IDEA Mandates 'Piled On,' Don't Match Funding
(On Special Education)
Obama Surprises Computer Science Educators on Conference Call
(Digital Education)
Dave Chappelle's Emmy Shout-Out Welcomed by D.C. Public Schools
(Education and the Media)
Who, Me? Distributed Leadership in Schools
(EdTech Researcher)
A Human Network to Remake Learning in Pittsburgh
(Vander Ark on Innovation)
New Teachers Must Create a 'Balance'
(Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo)
When Leaders Lead Their Schools Like Ben Zander Conducts Symphonies
(Leadership 360)
Let the Learning Lead, Not the Label
(Work in Progress)
Transitioning to International Teaching? Use the RAFT Model
(Career Corner)
1. Death to the Behavior Chart! 3 Reasons to Resist the Lure of Punishments and Rewards (Opinion)
2. Betsy DeVos Waiting for 'Right Time,' Circumstances for a Choice Initiative (Politics K-12)
3. New York Has Replaced the Common Core. Here's What You Need to Know (Curriculum Matters)
4. A Teacher's Struggle With Student Anxiety (Commentary)
5. Why 'Learning Styles' and Other Education Neuromyths Won't Go Away (Curriculum Matters)

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