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  April 12, 2012 [Mobile] [Online Version] [Printer-Friendly] [Login]
As gubernatorial campaigns heat up around the country, K-12 policy feeds into the fight, though specifics vary state to state.
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Teacher pay should reflect a multidimensional evaluation system, write Gerald Tirozzi, Marian Hermie, and Wayne Schmidt.
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Two new federal reports present a complex picture of the arts' presence in schools and the benefits derived from students' exposure.
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Business Group Urges Big Changes to Texas Math Standards
(April 11, 2012, Curriculum Matters Blog)
Publisher Addresses Common-Core 'Alignment' Issue
(April 11, 2012, Curriculum Matters Blog)
Do You Know How Effective Your Instructional Materials Are?
(April 11, 2012, Curriculum Matters Blog)
Special Education Students a Focus in 'Bully'
(April 11, 2012, On Special Education Blog)
Tennessee Seeks to Increase Charter Schools' Public Reporting
(April 11, 2012, Charters & Choice Blog)
Texas H.S. Football Players Spend Spare Time as 'Bully Guards'
(April 11, 2012, Schooled in Sports Blog)

For Educators, 'Bully' Is a Serious Conversation Starter
(April 12, 2012, Transforming Learning Blog)
(April 12, 2012, Bridging Differences Blog)
(April 12, 2012, Rick Hess Straight Up Blog)
(April 11, 2012, New Blog: EdTech Researcher)
(April 11, 2012, Charting My Own Course Blog)

Comment of the Day
Our students need training in the arts and access to well-funded and properly staffed libraries. Tax caps choke school districts, making it nearly impossible to provide such opportunities to our students.
Karl Wheatley

Weekly Forum Discussion
How prevalent is bullying in your school? Is the U.S. is in the midst of a "bullying crisis"? Or is bullying's impact overblown, as a recent Wall Street Journal editorial suggests?
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1. No Obituary Needed for Arts Education, Study Reveals

2. Bridging Differences Blog: What Do Teachers Want?

3. 'Why I No Longer Use Groups in the Classroom'

4. Feds Back Off on Easing Special Ed. Funding Restriction

5. Living in Dialogue Blog: Educators Issue VAM Report for Secretary Duncan

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