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Why 'Learning Styles' and Other Education Neuromyths Won't Go Away
Exposure to neuroscience can help dispel—but doesn't eliminate—beliefs in neuromyths among educators and the general public, a study finds. Read more.
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From RTI to MTSS
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How Do I Prepare My Students for Jobs That May Soon Disappear?
The rise of automation endangers future job prospects—and makes the work of educators that much harder, writes one teacher. Read more.
(Education Week)
Constitution Day: We the People Still Don't Know Much About the Constitution
Americans' grasp of even basic Constitutional knowledge is weak, prompting calls for redoubling civics education efforts. Read more.
(Curriculum Matters)
Don't Get Rid of Grades. Change Their Meaning & Consequences!
The pursuit of high grades can divert some students' attention from the true purpose of education, abandoning grades will not solve these problems, Thomas R. Guskey writes. Read more.
(Leadership 360)
LGBT History Gets Short Shrift in Schools. There's an Effort to Change That
A pair of Massachusetts educators are chipping away at the nearly total absence of context for LGBT individuals in the K-12 curriculum. Read more.
(Education Week)
Students' Scores Inch Up on ACT Exam
This year's gains were especially notable for Hispanic students, whose college-readiness scores rose even as they took the exam in greater numbers. Read more.
(Education Week)
Video: Second-Year Teachers Share Some Advice for Rookies
(Teaching Now)
Cellphones, Apps Power Learning for Syrian Refugees
(Education Week)
Can Artificial Intelligence Help Teachers Find the Right Lesson Plans?
(Teaching Now)
Teaching the Art of Listening: How to Use Podcasts in the Classroom
(Teaching Now)
Millennial Voting Patterns Worried This H.S. Student. So He Wrote a Civics Textbook
(Curriculum Matters)
Police Brutality Scandal the Focus of New Curriculum in Chicago
(Curriculum Matters)
Could an App Help Teachers Recognize Their Own Biases?
(Teacher Beat)
Complying With Spec. Ed. Bias Rule May Force Spending Shifts
(Education Week)
Test Scores Don't Tell the Whole Story (Q&A)
(Education Week)
Why Short Stories May Not Help Struggling Readers
(Teaching for the Whole Story)
Do Perks for Teachers Compromise Their Integrity?
(Teacher in a Strange Land)
It's Time to Teach Our Ugly American History
(Education Week)
Death to the Behavior Chart! 3 Reasons to Resist the Lure of Punishments and Rewards
A Quick-Start Guide for Teaching English-Language Learners
A Quick-Start Guide for Teaching English-Language Learners
(CTQ Collaboratory)
How To Cultivate Trust: Always Remember Five To One
(The Art of Coaching Teachers)
Education as a Civic Question: A Final Note From Bridging Differences
(Bridging Differences)
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Creating an SEL Roadmap: A District’s Journey to Support the Whole Child
Everett Public Schools, Wash., is undertaking a coordinated, districtwide approach to social-emotional learning (SEL). Join education leaders from Everett to learn about their journey to create a consolidated approach to behavior programs, tiered student support, and trauma-informed practices through the district’s use of social-emotional learning curriculum and data. Click here to attend this free live event.
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Access, Engage & Express: How to Personalize Learning Using the UDL Lens
Find out how educators can create a practical personalized learning classroom environment for every student. Join our webinar to learn instructional strategies that motivate students by incorporating their personal interests and natural ability to learn. Click here to attend this free live event.
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Aligning Curriculum and Instruction
FREE! In this Spotlight, learn how teachers are developing standards-based curricula, using digital tools to personalize literacy instruction, and bridging learning gaps with open educational resources. See other Spotlights.
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4. Why 'Learning Styles' and Other Education Neuromyths Won't Go Away (Curriculum Matters)
5. Power 'Is the Number One Problem' for Florida Schools Trying to Re-Open (District Dossier)

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