Scaling Up Student Success - Virtual

Technical Requirements

You will need a wired broadband internet connection with download bandwidth of at least 700 Kbps, as well as the latest version of Adobe Flash.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why does the presentation cut out? You may be on a slow internet connection. A wired broadband connection with bandwidth of at least 700 Kbps is recommended.
  • Why can’t I hear audio? Check that the computer you are using has speakers. Check your volume controls. There are three areas you may find volume controls:
    • Player volume: Look for volume icon inside the Player.
    • Computer volume: Adjust the volume slider and confirm that Mute is not selected.
    • External computer speakers (optional): Your speakers may have a volume control dial or knob that you can use to increase or decrease the volume level.
  • I lost my login information or never received it. How can I get logged in? Please email [email protected] and request to have your username and password sent to you again. Sometimes the email with this information gets caught in your spam filter. Make sure you are able to receive email from [email protected] and [email protected].
  • How do I get a certificate of completion? Please send your request with your name and the address to which you would like the certificate sent to [email protected].
  • May I share this event with others? Yes, you may share your login and password with colleagues so they can view this event.
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