Market Research

Editorial Projects in Education

Editorial Projects in Education’s leadership role in the K-12 marketplace, including our service to a gold-standard audience of over one million registered users, uniquely positions our organization to advance your company’s market research agenda. With a large K-12 database of customers who trust our brands and deep expertise in market research efforts, we can deploy our assets to your advantage in numerous ways:

•Online panel research
•Private labeled or co-branded thought-leadership and issue-specific surveys
•Audience benchmarking & segmentation
•Product launch testing
•Intent-to-purchase research
•Brand awareness studies
•Advertising effectiveness tests (pre- and/or post-)
•Focus groups
•And much, much more

To start a dialogue on how we can serve your market research needs, please contact:

Sean Herdman
Associate Publisher, Sales & Marketing
Editorial Projects in Education
(301) 280-3162