Editorial Projects in Education

In its role as the premium publisher of K-12 education content, Editorial Projects in Education employs reporters, editors, and researchers with in-depth knowledge of school-related issues and data. The following staff experts are available for media interviews and panel participation on the topics listed.

To contact experts, email them individually or contact the Library at or by calling 301-280-3100.

Education: Subject-Matter Experts

Evie Blad
Staff Writer
student life, school climate, safety and discipline, health and nutrition

Ross Brenneman
Assistant Editor,Education Week Teacher
teaching profession, new teachers, classroom instruction

Lauren S. Camera
Staff Writer
federal policy, U.S. Department of Education, Race to the Top, school finance

Sean Cavanagh
Associate Editor
education industry/business/K-12 innovation, philanthropy

Michelle Davis
Contributing Writer
education technology

Catherine Gewertz
Associate Editor
common standards and assessment, literacy

Liana Heitin
Assistant Editor
curriculum and instruction

Benjamin Herold
Staff Writer
educational technology and e-learning

Alyson Klein
Assistant Editor
federal education policy, Congress, ESEA/No Child Left Behind, White House

Michele A. Molnar
Staff Writer
Industry and Innovation project lead, Industry and Innovation premium product, philanthropy

Arianna Prothero
Staff Writer
charters and school choice, general-assignment district coverage

Christina Samuels
Staff Writer
special education, early childhood education

Stephen Sawchuk
Associate Editor
teacher policy, teachers' unions, teacher education, and assessment

Sarah D. Sparks
Assistant Editor
education research, use of data

Denisa Superville
Staff Writer
districts and leadership/management

Andrew Ujifusa
Staff Writer
state policy, state economic and fiscal issues, state implementation of federal policy

Internet Policy

Paul Hyland
Chief Technology Officer for Digital Operations
internet policy, privacy, security, cybersecurity, technology management, web technology, nonprofit technology, technology strategy, social media strategy, content management, user experience, information architecture, intellectual property, copyright, open source, open content, open education resources

Nonprofit Journalism & Education Policy

Virginia Edwards
President and Editor-in-Chief
Education policy, practice, and research in the news, EPE products and services, and the changing landscape of journalism, media, and publishing