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01/26 05:00 am | National Academy Foundation Launches Career Ready Certificate | Over thirty years ago, Citi CEO Sandy Weill launched nonprofit National Academy Foundation (NAF) to boost high school graduation and career preparation. The movement has ...
01/21 05:00 am | Preparing for New Jobs: Two Next-Gen Career Centers | Carl Wunsche High School in Texas and Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies in Kansas, are two next gen high schools schools redefining the career center.
01/20 05:00 am | The Quest for an AA Degree in High School | Early college students have the opportunity to earn college credit, up to a full associate degree with their high school diploma. The innovative opportunity is working at ...


04/03 01:20 pm | So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight | One last post before we hit the road. A thank you to our readers and the EdWeek staff, and a review of the progress we have made since launch.
03/11 03:26 pm | There Is No Bubble in Educational Technology: Not For Businesses That Actually Make Sense | Many people are wondering whether there is a bubble in educational technology. Has too much venture capital been invested in the sector? Have valuations gotten too high? My ...
01/30 11:55 am | Datapalooza: How the Federal Government is Easing the College Process | Datapalooza highlighted the strengthening bond between the federal government and new apps and websites (for profit and nonprofit alike) seeking to streamline and educate the ...


01/26 10:14 am | Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit: Middle School Math | This is a guest post from Dr. Reshan Richards (@ReshanRichards), the director of education technology at Montclair Kimberley Academy and the co-creator of the Explain ...
01/21 08:02 pm | Guest Post: Wisdom from David Bowie: Technology and Change | Gregg Russell, a veteran school principal, discusses the challenges of education technology and school transformation.
01/13 10:17 am | Redefining Curriculum with Open Educational Resources and Teacher-Created Content | In a guest post, Ken Frank of Kellenberg Memoral High School describes one independent school's effort to use open educational resources to support a classical ...
For decades, advertising has promised faster, better, easier learning with technology, Larry Cuban writes.
April 16, 2013 - Education Week
Allowing carefully chosen brands in public schools would help schools today and the economy in years to come, Mickey Freeman writes.
November 6, 2012 - Education Week
Technology isn't a silver bullet, says Salman Khan, but when used appropriately, it can enable teachers to lead differentiated and interactive classrooms.
October 1, 2012 - Education Week
Yong Zhao asks how leaders can push for both entrepreneurial thinking and high standardized-test scores in schools.
July 17, 2012 - Education Week
Once shunned in the bolted-down classroom, nonconformity is finding its way back into school buildings by design, writes David Holahan.
July 13, 2012 - Education Week
The federal government can be a driving force for school improvement if we pay attention to history, write Patrick McGuinn, Larry Berger, and David Stevenson.
May 3, 2012 - Education Week
It may be easy to dismiss the ideas of young education entrepreneurs, but they could transform the K-12 landscape, Phoenix M. Wang writes.
November 8, 2011 - Education Week
The intuitive and creative designs of Apple products have changed our relationship to technology—once distant, it's now far more accessible, writes Greg Gunn.
October 18, 2011 - Education Week

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