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April 29, 1992 – Education Week

April 29, 1992 – Education Week

February 5, 1992 – Education Week
 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.-U.S. Education Department officials said last week that they would request comments on several issues before drafting recommendations for revamping federal bilingual-education programs, which are to be reauthorized in 1993.

January 29, 1992 – Education Week
 The Los Angeles Unified School District has angered some teachers recruited from abroad by discontinuing its practice of sponsoring foreign teachers for permanent residency.

March 20, 1991 – Education Week
 Spending on school construction reached an all-time high of some $10 billion last year and is expected to remain at elevated levels throughout the decade, as school districts contend with rising student enrollments and deteriorating buildings.

September 5, 1990 – Education Week
 Black and white leaders in Selma, Ala., last week agreed to share power on the school board and to drop litigation against each other in an effort to end eight months of racial tension and protests at the city's public schools.

September 13, 1989 – Education Week
 Programs to test students for drug use are operating in a climate of increased legal uncertainty following a federal-court decision striking down a Texas school district's testing policy.

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