Meg Sommerfield

April 10, 1996 – Education Week
 Science teachers believe the voluntary national science standards will help improve the way they teach, a new survey shows.

October 19, 1994 – Education Week
 The nation's changing economy and social fabric demand greater cooperation and coordination between schools and colleges, argues a report released last week by the National Association of State Boards of Education.

June 9, 1993 – Education Week
 ATLANTA--On the cover of an Atlanta Project brochure is a compelling photograph. The background features this city's gleaming skyline, a metal-and-glass vision of a prosperous late-20th-century metropolis.

March 3, 1993 – Education Week
 A 1991 Oregon school-reform law that has drawn national attention for its attempts to link education with economic needs is running up against the state's burgeoning fiscal crisis.

March 3, 1993 – Education Week
 Ann D. McLaughlin has announced that she will resign as the president and chief executive officer of the New American Schools Development Corporation.

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