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K-12 Policy at Play as Two States Pick Governors

The New Jersey and Virginia contests may offer some clues to how education issues may factor into 2018's busy election year, when 36 governors' seats are up for grabs. (September 21, 2017)

Your One-Stop Shop for ESSA Info on Teachers, Testing, and More

For teachers, parents, principals, and others, the Every Student Succeeds Act is no longer on the horizon. Now it's in their schools. Here's an EdWeek guide to all things ESSA. (September 21, 2017)

Personalized Learning a Big Challenge in High School Redesign, RAND Finds

(September 21, 2017)

How Houston Got Its Schools Back Online

(September 20, 2017)

Public Teachers Miss More Days Than Charter Teachers

(September 20, 2017)

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  • Fifth grade students, from left, Nishal Suchuri, Ricardo Whacley, and Victorine Ndume, position themselves against a row of lockers at Forest Hills Community Learning Center in Akron, Ohio, as part of a recent drill designed to train them on how to respond if a gunman comes onto their K-5 campus. —Angelo Merendino for Education Week
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Do 'Active-Shooter' Drills Prepare or Scare?

As they use more-elaborate safety drills to prepare for a gunman on campus, schools face a profound challenge: how to prepare young students for the worst without stoking fear. (September 21, 2017)

Q&A: One-on-One With Ed. Sec. Betsy DeVos

(September 19, 2017)


Immigrant Students Internalize Stereotypes. Educators Can Help

Teachers can be the first responders to immigrant students' isolation, write leaders from the nonprofit Re-imagining Migration. (September 20, 2017)

A Teacher's Struggle With Student Anxiety

As anxiety diagnoses soar among students, one veteran high school teacher wonders, do teaching methods need an upgrade? (September 18, 2017)

News in the Classroom: Where Should We Begin?

When Christina Torres feels overwhelmed by the news, she remembers that it's less about content and “more about the skills and long-term understandings I give my students,” she writes. (September 20, 2017)

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Meet the 2017 Leaders To Learn From

Leaders To Learn From 2017

Education Week recognizes 14 bold and committed district leaders who demonstrate a powerful combination of tenacity and humility in bringing about systemwide change to benefit students and educators.
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What the Numbers Tell Us About U.S. Teachers

Teachers tend to be white, female, and have nearly a decade and a half of classroom experience, federal statistics show.
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Digital Directions

Districts Using Social Media, Digital Tools to Keep Education Afloat After Hurricanes

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, school districts are using digital communication tools and online learning options to update and connect with parents, students, and teachers. (September 12, 2017)

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Could an App Help Teachers Recognize Their Own Biases?

A Michigan State University professor has designed an app that helps teachers recognize their implicit biases using data collected from their own classrooms. (September 14, 2017)

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Market Brief

Cloud Computing Market Poised to Grow in Education Sector, Report Finds

As more schools and universities embrace online learning, cloud computing’s popularity is on the rise, according to a new report by Technavio. This story is from EdWeek Market Brief, a service offering business and school leaders actionable insights about the K-12 marketplace. (September 15, 2017)

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