Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft Battle for K-12 Market, and Loyalties of Educators

The four major technology companies are selling into K-12 districts at a time when schools’ demands for easy-to-use tools and platforms, and “personalization,” are on the rise. (December 0, )

Exclusive Survey: How 4 Tech Titans Are Reshaping the Ed-Tech Landscape

Google emerges as the clear winner in an EdWeek Market Brief survey of 1,000 teachers and school district leaders. (April 26, 2017)

Under Trump, Ed-Tech Leadership Is Big Question Mark

States are preparing to fill the void if Obama-era ed-tech initiatives lose support due to the new administration's educational and budget priorities. (May 5, 2017)

Political Policy Questions Tinge Ed-Tech Conference

Political uncertainty in the federal policy arena hung heavy over the recent ASU/GSV Summit, an annual event that draws thousands of educational technology executives, developers, and investors. (December 0, )

Popular Ed-Tech Platform Edmodo Hacked, Faulted for Ad-Tracking

Motherboard reported that millions of Edmodo user records were for sale on the dark web. The company has removed code that tracked student and teacher activity. (December 0, )

Do Digital Games Improve Children’s Math Skills?

Educators and researchers are finding that digital games can boost math performance for children as early as preschool. (December 0, )

New Construction Projects Raise More Worries About E-Rate's Future

About 100 mostly rural districts planning to use federal dollars to build new fiber-optic networks are now in limbo, causing uncertainty about the E-Rate program. (December 0, )

Special Report

Technology Counts 2016: Transforming the Classroom

(June 6, 2016)

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FCC Makes First Move Toward Weakening Net Neutrality Protections

The action, which would reverse a two-year-old policy by the agency, has angered a number of school and consumer groups, who worry it would slow the flow of valuable content to students and other internet users. (May 19, 2017)

Pearson To Scale Back Partnership With Adaptive Learning Provider Knewton

Going forward, Pearson “is developing its own in-house adaptive learning capability,” said a representative for the company. (May 17, 2017)

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To measure change in education, we need to move beyond only using quantitative research methods. (05/04 03:54 pm)
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